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Haunted House Survivors

May 31st, 2010, 12:21 pm

A Bit of Organization

I updated the Co-Author application as such:

"Alright, I'm not going to close this part down just yet. Here's what we're looking for:

People with at least a little bit of skill. People that can spin their story into the plot, instead of trying to make the plot about them. People who know the difference between an actual comic and a filler comic.

If you want to join this comic, you should have your own comic as well, and not just be an author in several author comics outside of this one. If your only comic is a "Sprite Showcase," then you need to look elsewhere. We want to see where your talent lies, and if you're actually going to put effort into your submissions rather than slap together a ton of quick comics and call it a day.

We want quality over quantity. If you're only going to make one or two comics a month because you intend to work hard on them, then so be it. We'd much rather see that than see ten comics a week from an author who doesn't really know what they're doing and has no intention to learn.

We're going to look for correct grammar and punctuation, capitalization, and correct verb tenses. We don't want authors who intend to use "txt tlk" in order to save space. We're not trying to be overly strict here, but we'd much rather not see this comic dissolve further into 'joke' territory than it already is.

If you can't take constructive criticism, you don't need to be here. Everyone can do better, and if you can't take people telling you that your comic is anything but perfect, then you don't belong.

We're trying to pull this comic out from the mud. Will you be helping us pull it out, or do you intend to stand on its head?


I swear I'm not trying to take over. I swear.

When this comic was restarted and Ultimate invited me to be an author, I had a little chat with him via PMs before I made my decision. I told him that for this incarnation, he needed to lay down some ground rules as far as plot devices and things like that were concerned.

In the last incarnation, the following mistakes were being made:
* People making their comics without reading previous comics
* Authors were making filler comics because they didn't feel like making a real update
* Authors were posting their sprites as a comic page because they didn't feel like making an actual comic (this has since been rectified)
* Authors were beamspamming all over the place, turning their characters into near gods
* Authors could NOT take criticism on their comics

In the current incarnation, the following happens:
* People making their comics without reading previous comics (though not as often)
* People making filler comics because they didn't feel like making a real update
* People beamspamming all over the place, turning their characters into near gods
* Authors can NOT take criticism on their comics
* Authors take other people's character(s) FAR out of character just to allow their own character(s) to prove a point (this includes the blatant disregard of character in the use of TIKAL)

So. What do we do? First off, I need those who have not submitted their sprites to be added to the character page to post those sprites HERE.

I'd also like a tally made of those authors who have submitted an intro to the comic, and those who haven't done anything. I have a feeling that we have a rather large number of authors who haven't submitted comics because they just like the fact that their name is on a "popular" comic, and it will mean increased traffic to wherever they are.

We have two (2) character pages up right now, and I'd like to make that only one page. Personally, I like the page where the character's personality (and theme music) is outlined with their picture above it, so all we'd have to do is make their picture link to their sprites, which isn't that hard.

We need to lay down some ground rules about the plot of the comic and character usage, what IS and IS NOT filler, when filler IS and IS NOT appropriate, and anything anyone else feels needs to be corrected.

Again, I'm not trying to take this over. Just for once, I'd like to see this comic be more than a joke.


EDIT: We have 42 authors. Do you know how many have introduced a character? Twenty-five (25) Exclane has already said he's working on his intro, so that leaves 16 authors unaccounted for.



TheDarkman1990, May 31st, 2010, 3:11 pm

I completly undertstood all of your rules and stuff. So I guess it´s time to return. Still talking with Ultimate about some stuff here and there. He even didn´t removed my character from the villains list, since he was hopping I would return.

And when I return, I´ll try to help you and Ult as much as I can.

SF3P0X1, May 31st, 2010, 4:39 pm

It's not just me. Exclane and Spear too.

, May 31st, 2010, 6:30 pm

I think this sounds like a good idea.

TheDarkman1990, June 1st, 2010, 1:05 am

Ok I´ll help you anyways ^^

Just waiting for Ult´s response

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