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Haunted House Survivors

Name: Ultimate
Age: 15
Species: Hedgehog/Echinda

Name: Roxis
Age: N/A
Species: N/A

Name: Zone
Age: 17
Species: Demonhog

Name: Snaps
Age: 13
Species: Echidna

Name: Spear
Age: N/A
Species: Hedgehog

Name: Solar
Age: 14
Species: Hedgehog

Name: Jay-Jay
Age: 15
Species: Chameleon

Name: Ms. Kitsune
Age: N/A
Species: Kitsune

Name: Psych
Age: 1/2
Species: Cloned Hedgehog

Name: Zack-363
Age: 24
Species: Human

Name: Rai
Age: 18
Species: Bat

Name: Nitro
Age: 16
Species: Hedgehog

Name: Eli
Age: 15

Name: Rejin
Age: 25
Species: Unknown

Name: Mick
Age: 18 looks 18 *Pwne'd Copa*
Species: Hedgehog

Name: Drown
Age: N/A
Species: Chameleon

Name: Ian
Age: N/A
Species: Armedillo

Name: Royle McCulloch
Age: 115
Species: Human Cuadariki. Or Wolf

Name: Copa
Age: 50, looks like 18
Species: Android Hedgehog

Name: Kiri
Age: 14
Species: Hedgehog,

Name: Abdie
Age: 23 (temporal age 426)
Species: Hyrian

Name: Leo
Age: 3967 (In his 13 year old body)
Species: Hedgefox

Name: Heligate, AKA: Heli
Age: old
Species: Undead Hedgehog

Name: Zachariah Light Fang
Age: 20
Species: Werewolf Hybrid

Name: Rushalina Praise
Age: Due to a different Biological calender, the age is indeterminable.
Assume it is around 20, for simplicity.
Species: Gardevoir and human breed.

Name: Jean Exdahl
Age: late tewnties/early thirties.
Assume it is around 20, for simplicity.
Species: Hedgehog.

Name:Maria and Slime Maria
Age: Regualr is about 147; somehow. Slime Maria is around 112.
Species: Anthrmorphic Eevee Pokemorph and an Abomination of Science.

Age: 19
Species: Darkness Manifestation

Age: 27
Species: Hedgehog

Jeffrey (Bravewolfd)
Age: 14
Species: Half-Wolf Half-Human

Name:Frost Shinekuya
Age: 18
Species: Wolf

Age: 18
Species: Hedgehog